"Suzanne delivers high quality editorial work with an excellent turn-around-time. Her efforts were instrumental in helping me find my voice in my writing while maintaining a consistent voice, style and feel."  

Jennifer Faraone
Author of The Pregnant Athlete Within

"As a designer and entrepreneur, my project proposals, product descriptions and website content has to reflect my creativity but also be salient and business-minded. Suzanne regularly takes my ideas from point form notes to market-ready document. She works quickly and conscientiously and she has become an invaluable asset to me."

Kris Potasky
KP Designs

"Basically, we gave Suzanne a blueprint of what we needed for our new website and she sent back exactly what we were looking for and actually meant to say.  She spent the time to fully understand our vision, catered the text to fit our needs and turned out a finished product that was far better than we could have hoped for. The turn around time was exceptional and she was available for any follow up questions that we had. The work that Suzanne did for our project allowed us to get ahead of schedule and get on with the work at which we excel."

Tom Carmean
CEO of The Lacrosse Institute

"I can’t explain how Suzanne does what she does, but it is nothing short of phenomenal.  I simply wrote what I wanted to say as best I could and sent it to her.  What came back from her is exactly what I wanted to say and how I felt inside but for some reason, could not put into words.  She is a treat to work with and I would give her the highest recommendation possible."

Todd Francis
President - CEO of The Lacrosse Institute

"Suzanne Zelazo has edited my work in sports publishing several times in the past year and I have also had the privilege of learning from her as an editor myself. I would not hesitate to recommend Suzanne’s editorial services to anyone looking for careful attention to detail and an interactive editing process with their work. Suzanne knows how to take a great piece of work and turn it into something even better, always staying true to the author’s voice and emphasizing the work’s most important points. She takes great care in explaining things and has a knack for correcting inconsistencies while maintaining the flow of the body of work."

Claire Duncan
Digital Editor - Triathalon Magazine Canada